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A List Of The Best Free Online Voice Editor Apps

A List Of The Best Free Online Voice Editor Apps

By daniele

In this section, we are going to talk about different methods to modify your voice without installing any software. These voice editors work on Windows, Mac, mobile devices, and Linux. On the other hand, this article will show you a compilation of the best free online audio editor apps to record, edit and change.

  1. Voice Pitch Changer: this tool allows you to change your voice without affecting the tempo.
  2. Beautiful Audio Editor: with this app, you can edit audio from anywhere. 
  3. Male to Female Voice Changer: you can higher-pitched your voice to obtain a “female voice” or if you want a different pitch, use the voice drop-down menu.
  4. Voice Thimmer App: this app let you record and trim your audio files quickly.
  5. 123 Apps Voice Edit App: with this voice editor, you can access it directly from your browser, and is simple to use. Also, it counts with an extension for Google. 
  6. Sodaphonic: this is an online tool that permits you to edit sound recordings online. Likewise, it allows you to create audio clips, by copying, pasting, or cutting sections of sound.
  7. Voice-Change-O-Matic: changer and visualizer by web audio API.
  8. Voice Coach: the web audio recorder enables you to record your audio within seconds.
  9. Voice Spice Voice Changer: this one has different free options to change your voice, for example normal, robot, male, female, demon, or squirrel. You can record and share with others.
  10. Bear Voice Recorder: this website lets you record your voice, edit the audio, and export it as an MP3.  All this without installing any software.
  11. Clownfish Voice Changer: This webpage is a Voice Changer software for Windows, that allows you to alter your voice when it is used it a microphone for example apps like Skype, Discord, Teams, Zoom, etc. Additionally, you can save the audio if you record online, on your computer with this Chrome extension.
  12. TwistedWave: is a web-based audio editor that is free. Any mistakes you make can be cut and deleted when recording audio in this program.
  13. My Voice Mod: with this option, you can record and download audio online while you change your voice. And are available 12 options some examples are Evil, Megaphone, Cave, etc.
  14. Rev Online Voice Editor: Rev is not different, works the same way as the others, the innovator part is that you are able to download an MP3 and get a transcription of it. 
  15. Voice Changer IO: this webpage makes 50 different voice effects to transform your speech. And you can use it for your own reasons. 
  16. Record Voice Online: of all the 20 compilation Voice Editor, this one is more available for singers because you can upload an instrumental or karaoke track to this app and record the vocal on top of it to make a song online. 
  17. AudioMass: this webpage aloud any audio format that your browser supported. You can apply a diversity of audio editing effects. 
  18. Custom Voice Maker: it has over 45 effects such as chorus, old radio, delay, aliens, robot, scary, etc. Also, the settings and the audio can be modified. On the other hand, it will save as WAV.
  19. Dictaphone Voice App: it is possible to record several audio tracks that will be superimposed on each other. This is useful when creating complex records. Also offers the ability to undo and redo actions.
  20. Voice Changer: you can change your voice in real-time and share them with others. This app offers 11 voice-changing options.