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Free applications to remove the background in pictures

Free applications to remove the background in pictures

By daniele

It is now possible to find different free background removal software where you can quickly cut out objects from the background. For this purpose, you can use one of these background removal programs to replace the existing background with a more suitable one, plus they can be useful for creating collages and designing advertisements.

Here are some of the best software to remove background in your images:


This one is used by professionals, if you need free software to remove the photo background, you will appreciate this option. The free selection function will help you to quickly select any object manually or using a straight line. This tool is suitable for complex-shaped objects that are clearly visible against the background.

InPixio Remove Background:

This is one of the simplest applications to use, you can effortlessly select any part of your photo and remove it without paying a penny. You don’t need to install any software on your PC as you can access this tool online, moreover, it comes with an easy-to-navigate interface.

To remove the background, you need to upload any image and select the unwanted areas with the red brush. This tool can be resized for convenience. You don’t need to use the brush very precisely, as it will be enough to click on any background color you want to get rid of, and the rest will be done automatically.


Cross-platform background removal software is a well-organized photo editing tool. It may lack some advanced options that professional software products offer, but it is perfectly capable of coping with any background removal task. This background removal software offers a simple cropping tool called Crop.


This is an application that quickly and easily removes different formats as well as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and, BMP, to remove background from photos you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Load the image.
  2. After loading background and foreground images, you must choose the eraser.
  3. The color eraser to quickly remove unnecessary parts. 



Picmonkey, you will be able to edit the photos quite fast and you will be able to remove some details in case you don’t know how to handle the application you can follow the steps below:

  1. In the Image palette tab, you will find the Background Eraser that allows you to turn an image into a separate layer. 
  2. After selecting it, you can use the Remove Background option in the Image palette menu.

Clipping Magic:

This is a free tool that allows you to remove the background with little or no effort. You must upload any image and the service will automatically edit it.


This free background eraser tool comes with a helpful sensor that automatically predicts which areas you need to erase based on how you’ve used the removal options. However, there are no image retouching tools, so it will be impossible for you to edit an image further.

Magic Eraser Background Editor:

This is an application that you can find for IOS operating systems, with this you can remove the background and with the “Magic Wand” option you can erase the background plus by clicking on any area you can remove the background of the same color.

Depth Background Eraser:

This tool can be found in IOS operating systems, and you can select the background just by touching it with your fingers, the images can be saved in a PNG file.

Change photo background:

This tool offers different functions, as well as you can create a new background from an existing image. Unleash your creativity, transform backgrounds, and delete any unwanted objects to make your images look better. There is also a function that allows you to add new background.