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Tools to Convert to PDF online for free

Tools to Convert to PDF online for free

By daniele

Imagine you are participating in an interview for the job of your dreams, and they need that you send your CV in PDF, but do you not have the program to convert it. Or you need to send an essential document in PDF to travel around the world, and you do not know how to do it!

Well, take it easy, I am going to reveal to you some pages that offer you for free the tool to convert a document to PDF.


This webpage is in 6 languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German and Italian. So you have many options to comprehend how to use it. It is also simple to understand, there are just 3 steps. 

  1. You can convert your files to PDF, you can combine, edit, and release PDF files, also you can export PDF files to (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG), etc.  
  2. Depending on the files, you can combine them.
  • You can select the exact amount of pages, the rotation, rearrange, etc. 
  • You can put headers, footer, etc.
  • If a PDF has protection, for printing, copying, and editing you can eliminate it without effort.   
  1. In The final step, click on the icon “Convert”

As additional information, your files are erased after the convert. 


This one offers more languages, at least 25. To me, this website is easier to comprehend because it is organized. ILOVEPDF offers you 3 options: a free plan, a premium plan for $4, and a business plan (personalized price). 

You can find them in a website format that is able to work without connection, also you will see a tab with 6 tabs that describe all the tools that ILOVEPDF offers: organize PDF, PDF security, convert to PDF, optimize PDF, convert from PDF, and the new addition PDF edit.  


This page count 5 tabs: PDF security, PDF tools, convert to PDF, convert from PDF, and merge and split PDF. Furthermore, has 24 languages and the option to be used from Dropbox, Drive, and links. 

PDF Converter teaches you the 3 steps to use it.

  1. Select the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or another file you wish to convert.
  2. The free PDF creator will convert your document to PDF or PDF in seconds.
  3. Your new document will be ready to download immediately. After the download is complete, any remaining files uploaded will be purged from their server.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe includes 6 tabs: Tools, PDF & E-signature, convert, compress, sign, protect, and has more than 24 languages. On the other hand, this platform safe your files in their cloud, so is at your own risk if you decide to use it. Additionally, they only offer a free trial of 7 days. 

I hope this information helps you find a better tool for you in a convenient way.