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Top 15 websites to Learn to code for free

Top 15 websites to Learn to code for free

By daniele

Technology has made us participate in it for this reason many people want to learn to program, create sites, watch, or buy because with the internet we have been able to make our daily lives much easier.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to program, but never found good and cheap courses and workshops, here you can see different courses and websites to learn to program for free:

  • Microsoft learn: this is a free, interactive, and hands-on platform for programming tools plus it also offers live and recorded videos, so it is possible for Microsoft resources to be filtered.
  • BitDegree: this is a blockchain-powered learning platform that offers several free and paid courses on cryptography and digital skills, including online coding classes in languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Codewars: This is a website that offers its users kata for numerous coding languages, including JavaScript and they can compare solutions with each other.
    1. Great Learning: This is an educational technology company that teaches its students data and business professionals, in addition to giving them a higher education has lessons in different formats such as face-to-face online and blended learning has several payment options and offers free courses.
  • Open Computer Science: It is a website that offers free courses, and these courses consist of videos, questions, and exercises.
  • Codegym: It is an interactive online Java programming course, it has several cores, there are 40 levels, and more than 1000 coding tasks.
    1. Test Automation University: It is a website that offers different courses and makes your learning more interesting, you can also get credits, rank badges, and certificates.
    2. Codeasy: It is an online educational website that teaches programming and is available for free if you want to get more tools you can buy them to get practice tasks.
  • Learn C++: In this, you will learn to code, write, compile, and debug programs, this site is completely free and there are 23 chapters in total.
  • Udacity: these offer business and technology plus different programs where you can find free and premium online courses available.
  • Github Docs: Github document management refers to the management of documentation for software projects that are created and hosted on Github. You can use GitHub for private or open-source document management.
  • A free control system, it also recommends other learning resources, including links to other Git tutorials, websites, videos, books, and courses.
  • Figma: It is a tool to develop interfaces, in this tool you can also make graphs of the interface also has a complete curriculum of design education consisting of 12 short lessons and five exercises.
    1. Software Testing Material: This is a blog that offers different articles, tutorials, interviews, questionnaires, and tests you can also find examples of software testing work.
  • ArtOfTesting: This website offers many free tutorials and test interview questions and was created by QA professional Kuldeep Rana.