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Top 6 editors to remove background in your videos for free

Top 6 editors to remove background in your videos for free

By daniele

Now it is possible to remove the background of any of the videos you have made in the shortest possible time and with free video editors.

  • BgRem

It is a tool for videos and photos with no limit of duration and no restrictions on the daily quota of clips processed, there are options to pay per minute, with rates that are adjusted according to the contracted volume. Once the video has been processed, it is possible to download it with a transparent background or with a customized one, which can be uploaded from the computer or simply filled with a color of your choice. Although it is technically possible to run this tool from the mobile browser, there are also editing apps that offer a similar feature among their functions but are usually limited to use on clips with a green background (chroma key processing). Videos processed from paid accounts, in addition to being ready in less time, will be exported in better image quality, and this service removes the background from mp4, mov, avi, mkv, mpg, webp, mpg, jpg, png formats.

  • VSDC Free Video Editor

It is a free video editor for beginners has no watermark, tool has been selected by marketing professionals to create and showcase their products and publicize them also offers a quality videos a software tool that supports various file formats and that users can create free tutorials and publish them on different websites, in the case of acquiring a pro version can cost $ 19.99 and in this will have tools such as mask, voice off, chroma key to professional level.

  • OpenShot

A software tool that offers too many functions that are easy to use and is especially for short videos. This tool has several awards where you can change the size of the clip, crop, scale, adjust and drop the audio as well as the video, it has a camera directional capability that takes care of more advanced functions as well as 3D animation tools, it is a very interactive tool perfect for beginners.

  • Shotcut

This is a comprehensive format for video files has a huge number of interactive interfaces also offers file formats with amazing video and audio effects as well as its frame rate to help users and design their videos in a more personalized way.

  • Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is a tool characterized at a professional level because it adapts colors editors and video creators can avoid recording sweeten and works in more than 1000 dale as well as illuminate the eyes and soften the skin tones according to the need of the video in this will also be able to chat block in real-time function in the case of using a much more professional version can have a price of $ 299.

  • Lightworks

Lightworks does not impose any video length limit rules on users; in addition, they have a large online community that helps beginners with tips and tricks to design very good quality projects. The free version of Lightworks has almost all the features of the paid version with a limit only on the output formats.